Registration FAQs

Q: How can I register for a team?
A: The registration process includes 4 Steps (Sign up, Register,Payment, Confirmation). All players need to complete their payments within 3 hours after they have registered.

1. Login to the site and go to the registration page. If you don't have an account on the site, signup on this page.
2. Click on your division on the registration page.
- Click the register button and select TEAM PLAYER.
- Select the your team name from the "Select Your Team" drop down list.
3. Fill out the rest of the player information, accept the League Waiver, and click the button to continue.
4. Enter your payment information and click the button. You will receive a confirmation when this is completed.

Q: How do I pay for a full team?
A: When signing up as a Team Captain, simply uncheck the box labeled "Divide team player fee among players." This will allow you to pay for your entire team using one payment.

Q: If I pay for a full team, do I still need to invite players to my roster?
A: If you, as captain, pay for your  full team, each player on the squad will still need to register through our site, though they wont be charged. It is required that each player on your team be registered before the season starts. While the league does not typically check rosters before league games, players must register to be an official roster member for liability reasons. Roster are checked before playoff games and only registered players are eligible to play. Additionally, by signing up, players will be able to receive notice about schedule changes, weather cancellations, etc through our new league messaging system.

Q: As a captain who's paid for a full team, how do I invite players to my roster?

A: There are two ways for your players to register: First, captains may log in to their account dashboard and choose to add/invite players. By adding each player's email an automatic message will go out to your player prompting them to complete a brief registration process. Again, they will not need to pay District Sports since the captain would have already fulfilled the full team fee. Second, even if they dont receive an invitation email from a captain, players may go to the registration page, complete the form and request to be added to your team. Captain will receive notice of this request and will need to accept. Again, given that the captain would have already paid for the team in full the individual player is not responsible for payment.

Q: What happens to players who are removed from the roster?
A: Those players can re-register by completing the 4 steps listed above. NOTE: each player will need to pay 3 hours or less after registering. 

Q: What if I have trouble registering?
A: If you are having trouble registering, please email us directly at

Q: What if I don't want to pay online?
A: Our site is secured and is 100% secure using HTTPS. In very extreme cases, we will allow players to pay via cash or direct check, but it is not our general policy to make exceptions. 

Q: What information do I need to pay for one of my players?
A: Players are required to pay when they register or within 24 hours if they were a Free Agent. If you need to pay for one of your players, you will need to help them register and pay with your credit card.

Q: Can a player be added to my roster without paying?
A: All players have to pay when they register for a team by Manager invite. Free Agents or Team Players who request to join a team have 24 hours from the time they are added to the roster to pay their player fee.

Q: Can a player be added to my team without my permission?
A: No. You must approve anyone who wants to join your team unless you invited them yourself.

Q: Can I register from a mobile device such as an iPhone or iPad?
A: We do have a mobile-optimized site for the new website but it does not have registration features available at the moment. You have the ability to "View Full Site" from that app but we can not guarantee that the full site has been optimized for every device. We recommend using a regular computer with a browser such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Internet Explorer.


Q: Will my private information like email address or phone number be shown on my profile page?
A: Private information such as your email address and phone number will be hidden from all players except District Sports owners.

Q: If I use my Facebook login, will District Sports automatically post to my Facebook timeline?
A: No. The Facebook integration provides a convenient login to your District Sports account. You will always be asked before anything is posted and have the opportunity to decline. Members can utilize their Facebook identity on the District Sports site and connect with their teammates and fellow participants. The website will download your profile pic and provide a link on your dashboard to your public Facebook page. You do not need to have a Facebook account or use a Facebook account to create a profile - it is completely optional.


For individuals who are new to the organization and are looking to find a team, please click here.

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