Free Agent Information

Are you an individual looking for a team? If so, you can sign up for any of our soccer seasons as a Free Agent. Registration for our next season will start on 2/15/18 at 10:00 AM!

Are you a woman looking for a team? Email us - !

Teams are always on the lookout for female players. If there's a particular league you'd like to join, send us an email and we'll contact all the team captains on your behalf. 

Direct registration will be available in select leagues! 

By choosing Direct Registration, District Sports will do its best to either place you on an existing team, or create a team out of Free Agents to ensure your participation. Direct Registration requires payment up front, which will refunded in the rare instance we are unable to find you a team. There is limited space for Direct Registration, so sign up quickly!

Check out our Upcoming Leagues page to see which leagues have Direct Registration while registration is open.

Want to join a league that doesn't have Direct Registration?

Joining a Free Agent Pool is the best way for you to advertise yourself as available to join a team in one of our leagues. It doesn't cost anything to register for the Free Agent pool--you only pay if you agree to join a team.

Check out our Free Agent Pools here.

The Free Agent pools exist so that Captains in need of extra teammates can find new players to fill out their squads. When a Captain is in need of a player, they are directed to peruse the Free Agent pools and invite people to join/send Free Agents messages as needed. As noted above, you will only be asked to pay a league fee if you agree to join a team. 

Most seasons, there is often more interest from individual players than there is space to accommodate everyone who is looking to play. By signing up for a Free Agent Pool, there is no guarantee you will get on a team.  

You are allowed to sign up for as many Free Agent pools as you feel best apply to what you're looking for in terms of skill level and day of the week. 

The Free Agent Pools will open for our next season on 2/15/18 at 10:00 AM. 

If you have any further questions about signing up as a Free Agent, email

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