2020 Spring Free Agent Pool  Soccer · Any Open

Spring 2020
Mar 2 ’20
Registration Dates:
Jan 20 ’20 – May 29 ’20 regular
Free Agent Fees

Welcome to the District Sports Free Agent Pool!

Instructions for Free Agents

Are you an individual player looking to join a team? Use the Free Agent Pool advertise yourself to team captains who are on the hunt for additional players.

Register for the program as a Free Agent and answer the list of questions about preferred day, level of play, location, and other pertinent information captains might need to know.

Captains will search the Free Agent Pool and message players based on the info you provide. 

If you agree to join a team, give the captain your email address!

If you need to update any information, changes made to your registration will not display on the Free Agent Pool spreadsheet. Please contact an admin to update your info.

It does not cost anything to register for the Free Agent Pool.; you will only be asked to pay money if you agree to join a team.

If you want to try and form a team made up of other Free Agents, just follow the instructions below to learn how to reach out to others who may be looking for a team.

Instructions for Team Captains / Players Looking to Recruit

When players register for the Free Agent Pool, their information is added to the spreadsheet linked below.

You can browse the spreadsheet to learn more about the individual players who are interested in joining a team.

You you will be able to view/download a sortable version of the Free Agent Pool. You can sort by any of the questions Free Agents are asked when registering for the Pool.

If you decide you would like to contact a Free Agent and ask them to join your team, do the following: 

1) Find the player's name on the sheet displayed below.
2) Click the CONTACT button at the end of their entry. This will take you to their District Sports profile.
3) From their District Sports profile, you can send the Free Agent a message.
4) If there is no option to message a player, they have already chosen a team for the season. 
5) If a player agrees to join your team, send them an invitation using their email address.


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